A deluded war

Some hours later, every of the ambassadors ships crew has mysteriously disappeared. Terridon is calling out for a crizis meeting within the Vessel of Destiny.

Tirezias (T)
Terridon (E)
Kvasi (K)
Ferothis (F)
Different council members (C)
Lerthuul (L)

*Everyone is shouting at eachother, discussing and arguing within the chamber. it is complete chaos and everyones gesticulating and shouting. Kvasi is trying to bring order but is failing. Suddenly Terridon smiles and steps up from his chair. He slowly walks in down the stairs to the middle where Kvasi is standing. Unbeknown to him, he is watched by Tirezias*

(E) - *whispering to Kvasi* May I try to calm down them high zealot?

*Kvasi who looks quite insecure nods, Terridon begins to speak with a loud voice, everyone grows silent*

(E) - Brothers, friends. This is the sign that I have spoken about. We felt endangered by the humans, so what do we do in our insecurity? We send a total diplomatic ambassador to Utopia. What to we get when he returns? A dead crew, our brothers, slain by these pestering creatures! I though that even the humans respected the diplomatic immunities, I was wrong, and It was I who sent our poor brothers into the lair of th beast, even though I knew the dangers.

(T) - What dangers? Is there any evidence that the humans did this? And why should there be any dangers to send an ambassador to Utopia in the first place? I don´t think this is done by any human government on Utopia at all. Maybe by pirates...perhaps.

(E) - You want proof? I will give you proof. Healer Lerthuul. Step forward please.

*An another Sqamantian steps from the entrance and down towards the speaking pod, he carries a gun*

(L) - Brothers. This is one of the weapons that were used to kill our brothers. And it is also the one that gave our beloved ambassador the killing blow. The other healers and I have studied the body and the weapon and it is clear that it is this weapon that killed him. It is also clear that he was left to bleed, a slow and painful death.

(E) - You hear this?! This is not just a death, but also someone that has tormented our brother. What about the other bodies? What if they have been receiving the same grotesque treatment and death?

(L) - Actually we haven been able to check them just yet.

(E) - Yeah yeah, It will be time for that later. The point is that the gun that were used is standard amongst the human assault forces, it is quite clear that they are behind...

(F) - As Tirezias already stated it could be pirates or or the like. There is no evidence...

(E) - Evidence? Evidence?! Our brothers are lying dead at the hands of the humans. It is clear to me that this is caused by their death. The ambassador discovered something and was killed because of it. Quite clear if you aren't blind.

(K) - Now, not this kind of language

(T) - The thing that I am interested in is how you got this weapon? How is it so that you got this if they killed him on Utopia? That is my question.

(E) - Everything is made possible with the right friends Telizar, you should know that.

(T) - I take friends as bribes?

(E) - You should take friends as friends, and nothing more. The question is, what are we going to do? Stand and watch? Or do something to avenge our breathren? For me, the answer is clear.

(F) -Has anyone talked to the emperor about this?

(E) - Bah! I spit on the emperor and their political system. If we ask them they will delude everything as their politicans always do. *whispering to Kvasi, I think that the rest of our brethren is going to see this..unfortunate event with rage and fury, a wise leader would not anger them. Not a strong leader anyway*

(T) - A full scale war will lead to losses on both sides. I agree that this act must not go unnoticed, but we must atleast give the humans a chance to defend themselves. We should send a commision or at least communicate with them.

(E) - So you are meaning we are supposed to send more of our people into them?! And get them killed as well? Insane. How you ever got into the council is beyond me. Do you actually think about our people?

(C) - Tirezias has always set our peoples best before anything.

(C) - Indeed.

(E) - Well, this is not the time to dawdle around. We need to act now, or we will be consumed by this engulfing darkness that is coming.

*Everyones begins to talk in everyones mouth. Some are against, some are positive*

(K) - Silence! I will not be the zealot that sees our world destroyed. If this is true, and everything points towards it...  I will just not accept it. We will deploy a staging area on the space outside Kalendra. In the meantime, no communication to Utopia is allowed. Prepare the fleet. This will be over in just some week. Then we will do what sees fit. Dismissed.

*Tirezias and Ferothis whispers to eachother and Terridon walk out with a smile*


Terridon (E)
Ambassador (A)
Terridons guard (G)

A month after the ambassadors  journey to Utopia the ambassadors ship lands on a landing plateau (like a helicopter landing plateau just bigger), and when he exits the ship he is greeted by a dark and gloomy night, as well as by Terridon and his escort.

(E) - Welcome back ambassador, I hope that your trip was pleasant.

(A) - Indeed it was revered Terridon.

(E) - Found anything...out of place?

(A) - I will take that up in the next council meeting, and by my guesses, it wont be long until the council is assembled.

(E) - No, it will not. At least let me and my friends escort you to your home. It is dangerous to walk the streets in the night.

(A) - I can assure you that it is fine, thank you.

(E) - Oh but I insist ambassador. It would be sad if something happened to you, especially now at these troublesome times.

*Both Terridon and the ambassador begins to walk, with the two guards walking behind them*

(A) - I dont think these are troublesome times Terridon, quite the opposite. Nothing I have found shows an increase in the human forces.

*Terridons face shows great anger for a second, then he calms down and smiles.

(E) - Well, thats unfortunate.

*Terridon turns around and nods towards the guards, one of the hits the ambassador in the head and the ambassador is being knocked unconscious*

*When the ambassador is being awaken by Terridon in Terridons manor, he is chained in a cellar with no windows. The chains stretch from his hands, then to his feet and then chained to the ground*

(E) - Awake now dear ambassador?

(A) - What in Schrazlas name is the meaning of this? Release me at once!

(E) - You know..I sacrificed my younghood, all my spare time to dedicate to our history, to our people, our way of living, now everything is at risk, brought by these intruders. I am the only one that really knows the dangers the humans pose, and I will not let you, or anybody stand in my way of purging them, slowly, for the sake of our people.

(A) - You are mad! There is no threat to our people! The humans are in no condition to start a war! This is crazy!

(E) - LIES! All lies! I have sacrificed to much to see the plan that I have set in motion. I know you dont understand. But dont worry, your head will not need to worry soon, in fact, you wont have any head at all.

(A) - This is madness! Release me at once and I will see through this foolishness.

*A guard walks out of the darkness and slaps the ambassador over his face*

(G) Silence or you will be knocked unconscious again.

*The abassador silences and large sweat drops begins to flow down his face, Terridon  picks up a gun from the ground.*

(E) - Do you know what this is ambassador? It is a G-302 Scar assault rifle, the standard assault rifles among the human assault troopers. It is the standard gun and I was lucky to lay my hands on one of these some time ago. Quite a masterpiece, a weapon of destruction if placed in the right hands, but also a weapon of order which I soon will demonstrate.

*Terridon gives the gun to his guard and the guard takes it. The ambassador begins to rattle the chains in panic*

(E) - Do it.

(G) - Yes milord.

*Terridon leaves the room, the guard aims the gun to the ambassadors head. Tears begins to flow from his eyes*

(A) - Please...

*The gun fires and the ambassadors body falls on the cold floor*

On a collision course.

A month after the initial meeting the high zealot Kvasi contacts the emperor of Utopia Johannes Faust via a comlink. The conversasion is the one that follows.

Kvasi (K)
Faust (F)
Comlink Adjutant (C)
At this time unknown officer (U)

(C) - Comlink online. Stabilizing connection. My lord, emperor Johannes Faust is online.

(F) - You wanted to speak with me high zealot. Here I am. What is on your mind?

(K) - Greetings emperor. I am contacting you due to a decision that is considered..a problem to our people. (Kvasis voice is unstable and nervous).

(F) - Speak your mind zealot, restrain from the formalities, I am a very busy man, and I lack of both time and interest for formalities, what is the problem?

*Kvasi swallows and speaks in a fading voice*

(K) - The council and I have decided that your increased military fleet is posing a threat to our civilization. We demand that we are allowed to send an ambassador to inspect any possible threat that might exist to our planet.

*The emperors mouth becomes thin as a line, his eyes looks back from his shoulder, seemingly talking to someone behind him, then answers*

(F) - I dont know how you think zealot, we have not increased nor have we reduced our fleets strikepower. We have never posed a threat to your civilization, why should we pose a threat now?

(K) - You as an emperor should know that every little threat should be examined and one of our council members have shown that you have increased your battleforce by a big percent.

(F) - I would like to talk to that council member in person high zealot, and let him explain how he got that information and from who, because this is clearly fake.

(K) - I am sorry, but that is confidential and...

(F) - SO IS OUR INTELLIGENCE ON OUR STANDING FORCES KVASI, Spying is NOT tolerated, not by any race, not even by you, old ally.

*The emperor is nearly shouting this out, the little strength that Kvasi has build up under the conversation is  immediately crushed from the rage from the emperor*

(K) - I-it does n-not matter h-how h-he got it, as l-long as it p-pose a threat t-to our nation. And if y-you g-got nothing to h-hide it would n-not be a p-problem emperor.

(E) - The problem, Kvasi, is that you are insulting me as a person and humanity as a specie. We have never threatened nor proven hostile to any Sqamantians. We have had peace since we discovered your existence, and while we owe you, we can´t take insults like this. Send your damned ambassador, but I will be surprised if he finds anything abnormal.

(C) - Emperor Johannes Faust has canceled the comlink.

*Kvasi puts in hands over his face and sighs*

(K) - What have we gotten ourselfs into?

*Emperor Johannes Faust stirs into the closed comlink, then says to someone that is out of view*

(E) - The Sqamantians are comming for an inspection, hide a large part of the army on Kalendra,  we dont want the Sqamantians to have full insight into our army, and get me some wine god dammit.

(U) - Yes my lord.

*The officers bows out and exits the room, which is full of expensive things. Sucks as an rich embroided carpet, vases and portraits, and in the middle, a throne made out of glass with red pillows on it*

A decision without permission.

First scene takes place in the council chamber in the vessel of destiny. The chamber is circular and in the middle the sitting high zealot Kvasi. Around and above him sits the 10 council members around, summoned for a distress call from one of the council members, Terridon who wants to discuss the humans. Everyone, even the high zealot is both nervous and tense since it is known that many of the council members are against both the exchange of technology and in mineral trading with the humans.

The important parts is:
Kvasi: the council leader and high zealot (K)
Terridon: Arguing against co-op with the humans and wants to put them in surveillance camps. (E)
Tirezias: Member of the council, elder and is highly regarded for with clarity and wisdom. (T)
Ferothis: Also an elder, plays a minor role. (F)

(E) – My friends, my brethren, there has been a lot of different opinions about the humans recently. Some of our …countrymen have become more and more suspicious and afraid for them, they are developing to their new technology far faster then any of our ancestors could have foreseen, in fact they have built a fleet that is now able to match ours. Their military powers is vast and myself as a citizen fear these…creatures…and I demand that..


The hot livered Ferothis breaks Terridons thread. Obviously offended.


(F) – Wait a moment, what are you saying? That the humans is a threat to us Sqamantians? This is absurd, how can we even tolerate this our chamber? Is this why we are summoned here?


(K) – Be quiet Ferothis and let Terridon speak his mind, then the discussion will commence.


Terridon who never sat down while Ferothis was talking begins anew.


(E) – As I was saying before I got interrupted *Terridon glances at Ferothis*, I was saying that I demand that we send an investigator to human homeworld* to see if there is any threat to our sparkling society, and if something unusual or the like is found, immediate precautions is taken.


Terridon takes his seat.


After a little while, so that everyone is clear that Terridon is finished, everyone of the council members shouts in the chamber at once, different suggestions or opinions, until Kvasi managed to bring order with a “SILENCE”.


(K) – Never under my 13 years as high zealot have I witnessed such noise in this chamber at once, calm down or the stars will cry, one at a time. Yes Telizar?


Telizar had risen first and is ready to speak his mind.

(T) - This...suggestion, it´s not possible. Impossible to just walk and tell the humans what to do, foolish it is, foolish and recklessness yes indeed it is. Don´t think you have though about this i don´t, but. I am concerned bout one thing, council members that even suggest this, even young as you are, surely the consequents that this demand of yours would lead into so much fear it would, fear and hatred, for both of our races it would, indeed it would.

Tirezias sits down and Terridon steps up and moves one step forward, towards the sitting Tirezias who is located on the other side on the room.

(E) - You talk in riddles old man, riddles and delusions. I want to act! The human forces are growing each day, and each day that this new threat is ignored, is an another step towards destruction. I for one read my peoples history, and i though that every council member did, Tirezias. Think if the humans are the new Vroth? It is all the same, we gave the Vroth weapons, technology, we saved then in their greatest need, and what did they do when they could challenge us? They nearly annihilated us, this is the very same procedure.


(T) - Procedure you say? Which Procedure? I can see none. We have been in peace for more then 300 years, and if you acctually read the whole history that happened during the war against the Vroth, you would know that they were different. The humans and the Vroth have acted just as opposites. The Vroth wanted to manage by themselves, hunkering in their own planet, never to be seen or heard from, the humans are the opposite they are, trading with us, discussion with us they do. Our planet contains as many humans as there are Sqamantians on theirs, we are friends we are, not enemies.

(E) - That is what I am saying, human bars, human channels, on our planet! This is an outrage, it is an abomination to our once great people, however I am sad that it has come this far.
Members, we are not longer a whole race, we are broken by this..."alliance". Our culture, our very way of living is at stake. We have been infested by an another culture, and this is grim.
What if they decide that their culture is the only culture that should be allowed to excist? The Vroth though so, it is the same thing.

(C) - Are you sure about this Terridon? You are still young, and why all this hatred?

*Terridon glares at the council member, obviously annyoied*

(E) - My hatred is love for my own people, for my homeplanet. Have you or any other member inspected the human fleet latley? I have, and what I saw scared me.
They have increased their number of spaceships with over 50%, this from their one of their own generals. Do you not see the signs? Do you not see it? They are building a fleet to destroy ours!

(F) - Terridon, are you sure about your facts? Could it not just be transports? It is very common especially now when they found a new mineral vein. And the fact is that they have never ever threatened us.
There is no logic why the humans would declare war on us.

(E) - The logic, Ferothis, is that the humans are a race that needs power, it needs to feel like if they are in control of everything. I have lived with humans, I know. I knew you would all argue against me, since I am the only one that is bold enough to speak the thruth. It is sad that this "council" has become what it is. I will however let my people know about this, every Sqamantian will know that their belowed council and high zealot cares more for the friendship of a nation that might crush us tomorrow.

(C) - Then what is your suggestion?

(E) - As i said before; that we send a inspector to the human homeworld Utopia, and let him check the state of their armies, and then report back to us. If it proves that the humans are more numerious to us, we need to quarantine their whole race.

*silence strucks as a the silence after a lightning for a moment.*

(T) - That we demand such a thing from the humans, shows our mistrust. It will lead to consecuenses beyond imaganing. Please, think this through. This is madness. The humans will take this as a grave insult.

(E)- There it is! "It would insult them!", so the humans mean more to you then the fate of our people? I think it is worth if it can save our people from destruction, or what do you say high zealot? Or do you fancy the humans aswell? Maybe more then your people? If the humans

(K) - No I not, and therefore I will send a message to the human emperor and carry this request, if he got nothing to hide, he will let us inspect their standing forces. Tell our people about this. I will not be the one that let our peoples life on stake just because of pride.

(C) - Then it is settled.

(F) - This is madness.

*Telizar closes his eyes, like if he was struck with a knife, Terridon smiles, and the scene blackens.*



This page is meant to tell about the different civics about the four different races.

The Sqamantians choose 1 elder each year, and one goes out. There are always 10 elders. The Sqamantian people votes one that will go in and one that will go out from the Sqamantian high council. There is also one high zealot, that makes all the important choices, and the council members which job is to argue for and against a decision that is about to take place, and thus, giving the high zealot more of a perspective, however in the end, the choice is up to the high zealot. Nevertheless council members have a habit to influence the high zealot. A new high zealot is picked every 20 years.

The decisions and questions takes place in the vessel of destiny, a modified Sqamantian battle station that was taken out of order many years ago and is now serving as a seat for the gatherings. Orbiting over the Sqamantian homeworld Orubos, it was originally meant to take the council away from the everyday life on Orubos, to give the council the peace and harmony it needed to make decisions that would affect the entire planet and its colonies. Since when the council was established on Orubos, council members were often interrupted due to other important matters.

The Vessel of destiny is however not the peaceful station it appears to be. Being a former battlestation, even outdated many add-ons has been established, like the 140mm canons that is used to penetrate any larger battleship that would threaten the Vessel.

Inside you will find the highly trained Council guard, or honor guard. Their blue armor represents serenity, however it wield unknown force. The full plated body armor is capable of deflecting larger bullets and energy shots with ease and will reduce incoming artillery damage. The plates gives free joint movement for maximum flexibility. Every guard is highly trained and any normal human would surely die from the hard training. The honor guard is armed with a powerspike, resembling a spear, that will shock anyone foolish enough to come close to death. They also have a energy shield to block incoming ranged bullets and energybeams. They are the highest trained soliders that the Sqamantians have, and will strike at anyone that is foolish enough to boards the vessel of destiny.

Main Characters

Main Characters:

Human main character:
James Wallace
28 years old
Captain over Aerial Foxtrot squad, 32:th platoon.
First to confront the "new alien union".
About 185 cm tall.
About 90 kg weight.
Dark Green/Brown eyes.
Not shaved in most missions.
Medium long hair.
Armed with a fully automatic assault rifle. 55 rounds/mag.
Veteran battle fighter, excels in air combat, thinks that ground fighting is "clumsy".

Sqamantians Main Character:
High Council member/Rogue Sqamintan leader.
Argued against the declaration of war/locking in humanity.
About 230 years old.
About 230 cm tall. Reptilian/Green skin, without scale.
About 150 kg weight.
Light blue glowing eyes, when in stasis or powerful emotions take control, glowing orange.
Armed with a power-staff.
Powerful psychic spell caster,  able to manipulate most lesser beings. Avoids confrontation if possible.
Thinks weapons are primitive.

Vroth Main Character:
Emperor over the Vroth. Dark lord of the sands. The devourer. The root of immortality.
Many millenniums old.
Traded the souls of his people for immortality to unknown aliens, transforming his people to black stone. Waged war against the Swamantians on their behalf. Lost and saved himself and his people by locking themselves in on their homeworld Palari, under the sand itself.
Same height as Tirezias.
Weigh about 250 kilos (due to the fact that he is made out of stone).
Light green eyes.
Drazuls main weapon is his fists in fast skirmishes. In longer battles he is armed with a long spear and a modified Sqamantian Railgun for ranged combat.
Manipulative and things that other beings are best used as slaves or canon fodder, (anyone but himself).



In 2153, earth was so polluted that no man, plant or animal could live on the planet. Rescue stations had been planed on Mars, however the events that took place before the escape to Mars maked everything on earth speed up. First things were the pollution. Big black clouds stretched across the sky over big cities, such as Tokyo, New York and Seoul. Soon these waster stretched far and wide, across the countryside where most people though they could flee the dangerous waste. Gas masks were produced in large quantities and for some while, people seemed to develop to the situation, however it was just like a dam with a hole, it was doomed to break eventually. The sparked tensions between several countries eventually broked out to a full scale war, in space. The new technology and what most alien races would call, "primitive space vessels", most humans would call it the ultimate war machines. Raging across space these mobile battle vehicles would fight, and be destroyed in space, resulting in "space thrash". This junk flew around the earth, metal and steel, building a large cower that blocked parts on the sun, resulting in a damp dark place. However even this humanity managed to adopt to. It was all in vain. Soon after all this, when the Earth was scared and wounded moder nature decided to stop it. The temperature suddenly dropped one day and it kept dropping. Cold winds that came from the north carried with it snow and ice. The new ice age was imminent and this time, everyone fled..at least those with the money, the poor where left behind. However life on Mars was not fully developed to the human race. Plants were unable to grow properly, critters did not have the long life that they originally had on earth and died prematurely and water supplies quickly became scarce. This time it seemed as if humanity was going to be extinguished forever, however an another miracle soon accoured.

A race that called themselves the Sqamantians, or as humans called them at their first meeting, "aliens". They told the humans about a high council that ruled over a system close to the "Milky way". They gave the humans technology if the humans agreed to relocate to their galaxy known in their tongue as "Gelise", which in human speech is "the high seat". The Sqamantian ambassador explained that this was because they needed to make sure that the humans were able to control and make proper use of the new technology. The humans had little choice and where therefore relocated to the new planet that was quite similar to earth that the humans named Utoia, after the dream city with the same name, and swore that they would never pollute this world like they did to Earth. Years went by and the ever so adaptable humans learned to use the new technology to the degree that they rivaled the high evolved Sqamantians. However, the Sqamantians have always watched over the humans, in both fear and excitement. Many questions have been, "will they turn on us?" and "what will we do when they try to take us out". This never happened however, and for more then 350 years the humans have lived in peace, traded with the Sqamantians and other alien races, such as the faritimans, energy like beings that live in metall. However, the pastoral state that has lasted for more then 300 years is soon going to break.

Project Gelise

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