A deluded war

Some hours later, every of the ambassadors ships crew has mysteriously disappeared. Terridon is calling out for a crizis meeting within the Vessel of Destiny.

Tirezias (T)
Terridon (E)
Kvasi (K)
Ferothis (F)
Different council members (C)
Lerthuul (L)

*Everyone is shouting at eachother, discussing and arguing within the chamber. it is complete chaos and everyones gesticulating and shouting. Kvasi is trying to bring order but is failing. Suddenly Terridon smiles and steps up from his chair. He slowly walks in down the stairs to the middle where Kvasi is standing. Unbeknown to him, he is watched by Tirezias*

(E) - *whispering to Kvasi* May I try to calm down them high zealot?

*Kvasi who looks quite insecure nods, Terridon begins to speak with a loud voice, everyone grows silent*

(E) - Brothers, friends. This is the sign that I have spoken about. We felt endangered by the humans, so what do we do in our insecurity? We send a total diplomatic ambassador to Utopia. What to we get when he returns? A dead crew, our brothers, slain by these pestering creatures! I though that even the humans respected the diplomatic immunities, I was wrong, and It was I who sent our poor brothers into the lair of th beast, even though I knew the dangers.

(T) - What dangers? Is there any evidence that the humans did this? And why should there be any dangers to send an ambassador to Utopia in the first place? I don´t think this is done by any human government on Utopia at all. Maybe by pirates...perhaps.

(E) - You want proof? I will give you proof. Healer Lerthuul. Step forward please.

*An another Sqamantian steps from the entrance and down towards the speaking pod, he carries a gun*

(L) - Brothers. This is one of the weapons that were used to kill our brothers. And it is also the one that gave our beloved ambassador the killing blow. The other healers and I have studied the body and the weapon and it is clear that it is this weapon that killed him. It is also clear that he was left to bleed, a slow and painful death.

(E) - You hear this?! This is not just a death, but also someone that has tormented our brother. What about the other bodies? What if they have been receiving the same grotesque treatment and death?

(L) - Actually we haven been able to check them just yet.

(E) - Yeah yeah, It will be time for that later. The point is that the gun that were used is standard amongst the human assault forces, it is quite clear that they are behind...

(F) - As Tirezias already stated it could be pirates or or the like. There is no evidence...

(E) - Evidence? Evidence?! Our brothers are lying dead at the hands of the humans. It is clear to me that this is caused by their death. The ambassador discovered something and was killed because of it. Quite clear if you aren't blind.

(K) - Now, not this kind of language

(T) - The thing that I am interested in is how you got this weapon? How is it so that you got this if they killed him on Utopia? That is my question.

(E) - Everything is made possible with the right friends Telizar, you should know that.

(T) - I take friends as bribes?

(E) - You should take friends as friends, and nothing more. The question is, what are we going to do? Stand and watch? Or do something to avenge our breathren? For me, the answer is clear.

(F) -Has anyone talked to the emperor about this?

(E) - Bah! I spit on the emperor and their political system. If we ask them they will delude everything as their politicans always do. *whispering to Kvasi, I think that the rest of our brethren is going to see this..unfortunate event with rage and fury, a wise leader would not anger them. Not a strong leader anyway*

(T) - A full scale war will lead to losses on both sides. I agree that this act must not go unnoticed, but we must atleast give the humans a chance to defend themselves. We should send a commision or at least communicate with them.

(E) - So you are meaning we are supposed to send more of our people into them?! And get them killed as well? Insane. How you ever got into the council is beyond me. Do you actually think about our people?

(C) - Tirezias has always set our peoples best before anything.

(C) - Indeed.

(E) - Well, this is not the time to dawdle around. We need to act now, or we will be consumed by this engulfing darkness that is coming.

*Everyones begins to talk in everyones mouth. Some are against, some are positive*

(K) - Silence! I will not be the zealot that sees our world destroyed. If this is true, and everything points towards it...  I will just not accept it. We will deploy a staging area on the space outside Kalendra. In the meantime, no communication to Utopia is allowed. Prepare the fleet. This will be over in just some week. Then we will do what sees fit. Dismissed.

*Tirezias and Ferothis whispers to eachother and Terridon walk out with a smile*


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