Terridon (E)
Ambassador (A)
Terridons guard (G)

A month after the ambassadors  journey to Utopia the ambassadors ship lands on a landing plateau (like a helicopter landing plateau just bigger), and when he exits the ship he is greeted by a dark and gloomy night, as well as by Terridon and his escort.

(E) - Welcome back ambassador, I hope that your trip was pleasant.

(A) - Indeed it was revered Terridon.

(E) - Found anything...out of place?

(A) - I will take that up in the next council meeting, and by my guesses, it wont be long until the council is assembled.

(E) - No, it will not. At least let me and my friends escort you to your home. It is dangerous to walk the streets in the night.

(A) - I can assure you that it is fine, thank you.

(E) - Oh but I insist ambassador. It would be sad if something happened to you, especially now at these troublesome times.

*Both Terridon and the ambassador begins to walk, with the two guards walking behind them*

(A) - I dont think these are troublesome times Terridon, quite the opposite. Nothing I have found shows an increase in the human forces.

*Terridons face shows great anger for a second, then he calms down and smiles.

(E) - Well, thats unfortunate.

*Terridon turns around and nods towards the guards, one of the hits the ambassador in the head and the ambassador is being knocked unconscious*

*When the ambassador is being awaken by Terridon in Terridons manor, he is chained in a cellar with no windows. The chains stretch from his hands, then to his feet and then chained to the ground*

(E) - Awake now dear ambassador?

(A) - What in Schrazlas name is the meaning of this? Release me at once!

(E) - You know..I sacrificed my younghood, all my spare time to dedicate to our history, to our people, our way of living, now everything is at risk, brought by these intruders. I am the only one that really knows the dangers the humans pose, and I will not let you, or anybody stand in my way of purging them, slowly, for the sake of our people.

(A) - You are mad! There is no threat to our people! The humans are in no condition to start a war! This is crazy!

(E) - LIES! All lies! I have sacrificed to much to see the plan that I have set in motion. I know you dont understand. But dont worry, your head will not need to worry soon, in fact, you wont have any head at all.

(A) - This is madness! Release me at once and I will see through this foolishness.

*A guard walks out of the darkness and slaps the ambassador over his face*

(G) Silence or you will be knocked unconscious again.

*The abassador silences and large sweat drops begins to flow down his face, Terridon  picks up a gun from the ground.*

(E) - Do you know what this is ambassador? It is a G-302 Scar assault rifle, the standard assault rifles among the human assault troopers. It is the standard gun and I was lucky to lay my hands on one of these some time ago. Quite a masterpiece, a weapon of destruction if placed in the right hands, but also a weapon of order which I soon will demonstrate.

*Terridon gives the gun to his guard and the guard takes it. The ambassador begins to rattle the chains in panic*

(E) - Do it.

(G) - Yes milord.

*Terridon leaves the room, the guard aims the gun to the ambassadors head. Tears begins to flow from his eyes*

(A) - Please...

*The gun fires and the ambassadors body falls on the cold floor*


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