A decision without permission.

First scene takes place in the council chamber in the vessel of destiny. The chamber is circular and in the middle the sitting high zealot Kvasi. Around and above him sits the 10 council members around, summoned for a distress call from one of the council members, Terridon who wants to discuss the humans. Everyone, even the high zealot is both nervous and tense since it is known that many of the council members are against both the exchange of technology and in mineral trading with the humans.

The important parts is:
Kvasi: the council leader and high zealot (K)
Terridon: Arguing against co-op with the humans and wants to put them in surveillance camps. (E)
Tirezias: Member of the council, elder and is highly regarded for with clarity and wisdom. (T)
Ferothis: Also an elder, plays a minor role. (F)

(E) – My friends, my brethren, there has been a lot of different opinions about the humans recently. Some of our …countrymen have become more and more suspicious and afraid for them, they are developing to their new technology far faster then any of our ancestors could have foreseen, in fact they have built a fleet that is now able to match ours. Their military powers is vast and myself as a citizen fear these…creatures…and I demand that..


The hot livered Ferothis breaks Terridons thread. Obviously offended.


(F) – Wait a moment, what are you saying? That the humans is a threat to us Sqamantians? This is absurd, how can we even tolerate this our chamber? Is this why we are summoned here?


(K) – Be quiet Ferothis and let Terridon speak his mind, then the discussion will commence.


Terridon who never sat down while Ferothis was talking begins anew.


(E) – As I was saying before I got interrupted *Terridon glances at Ferothis*, I was saying that I demand that we send an investigator to human homeworld* to see if there is any threat to our sparkling society, and if something unusual or the like is found, immediate precautions is taken.


Terridon takes his seat.


After a little while, so that everyone is clear that Terridon is finished, everyone of the council members shouts in the chamber at once, different suggestions or opinions, until Kvasi managed to bring order with a “SILENCE”.


(K) – Never under my 13 years as high zealot have I witnessed such noise in this chamber at once, calm down or the stars will cry, one at a time. Yes Telizar?


Telizar had risen first and is ready to speak his mind.

(T) - This...suggestion, it´s not possible. Impossible to just walk and tell the humans what to do, foolish it is, foolish and recklessness yes indeed it is. Don´t think you have though about this i don´t, but. I am concerned bout one thing, council members that even suggest this, even young as you are, surely the consequents that this demand of yours would lead into so much fear it would, fear and hatred, for both of our races it would, indeed it would.

Tirezias sits down and Terridon steps up and moves one step forward, towards the sitting Tirezias who is located on the other side on the room.

(E) - You talk in riddles old man, riddles and delusions. I want to act! The human forces are growing each day, and each day that this new threat is ignored, is an another step towards destruction. I for one read my peoples history, and i though that every council member did, Tirezias. Think if the humans are the new Vroth? It is all the same, we gave the Vroth weapons, technology, we saved then in their greatest need, and what did they do when they could challenge us? They nearly annihilated us, this is the very same procedure.


(T) - Procedure you say? Which Procedure? I can see none. We have been in peace for more then 300 years, and if you acctually read the whole history that happened during the war against the Vroth, you would know that they were different. The humans and the Vroth have acted just as opposites. The Vroth wanted to manage by themselves, hunkering in their own planet, never to be seen or heard from, the humans are the opposite they are, trading with us, discussion with us they do. Our planet contains as many humans as there are Sqamantians on theirs, we are friends we are, not enemies.

(E) - That is what I am saying, human bars, human channels, on our planet! This is an outrage, it is an abomination to our once great people, however I am sad that it has come this far.
Members, we are not longer a whole race, we are broken by this..."alliance". Our culture, our very way of living is at stake. We have been infested by an another culture, and this is grim.
What if they decide that their culture is the only culture that should be allowed to excist? The Vroth though so, it is the same thing.

(C) - Are you sure about this Terridon? You are still young, and why all this hatred?

*Terridon glares at the council member, obviously annyoied*

(E) - My hatred is love for my own people, for my homeplanet. Have you or any other member inspected the human fleet latley? I have, and what I saw scared me.
They have increased their number of spaceships with over 50%, this from their one of their own generals. Do you not see the signs? Do you not see it? They are building a fleet to destroy ours!

(F) - Terridon, are you sure about your facts? Could it not just be transports? It is very common especially now when they found a new mineral vein. And the fact is that they have never ever threatened us.
There is no logic why the humans would declare war on us.

(E) - The logic, Ferothis, is that the humans are a race that needs power, it needs to feel like if they are in control of everything. I have lived with humans, I know. I knew you would all argue against me, since I am the only one that is bold enough to speak the thruth. It is sad that this "council" has become what it is. I will however let my people know about this, every Sqamantian will know that their belowed council and high zealot cares more for the friendship of a nation that might crush us tomorrow.

(C) - Then what is your suggestion?

(E) - As i said before; that we send a inspector to the human homeworld Utopia, and let him check the state of their armies, and then report back to us. If it proves that the humans are more numerious to us, we need to quarantine their whole race.

*silence strucks as a the silence after a lightning for a moment.*

(T) - That we demand such a thing from the humans, shows our mistrust. It will lead to consecuenses beyond imaganing. Please, think this through. This is madness. The humans will take this as a grave insult.

(E)- There it is! "It would insult them!", so the humans mean more to you then the fate of our people? I think it is worth if it can save our people from destruction, or what do you say high zealot? Or do you fancy the humans aswell? Maybe more then your people? If the humans

(K) - No I not, and therefore I will send a message to the human emperor and carry this request, if he got nothing to hide, he will let us inspect their standing forces. Tell our people about this. I will not be the one that let our peoples life on stake just because of pride.

(C) - Then it is settled.

(F) - This is madness.

*Telizar closes his eyes, like if he was struck with a knife, Terridon smiles, and the scene blackens.*



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