This page is meant to tell about the different civics about the four different races.

The Sqamantians choose 1 elder each year, and one goes out. There are always 10 elders. The Sqamantian people votes one that will go in and one that will go out from the Sqamantian high council. There is also one high zealot, that makes all the important choices, and the council members which job is to argue for and against a decision that is about to take place, and thus, giving the high zealot more of a perspective, however in the end, the choice is up to the high zealot. Nevertheless council members have a habit to influence the high zealot. A new high zealot is picked every 20 years.

The decisions and questions takes place in the vessel of destiny, a modified Sqamantian battle station that was taken out of order many years ago and is now serving as a seat for the gatherings. Orbiting over the Sqamantian homeworld Orubos, it was originally meant to take the council away from the everyday life on Orubos, to give the council the peace and harmony it needed to make decisions that would affect the entire planet and its colonies. Since when the council was established on Orubos, council members were often interrupted due to other important matters.

The Vessel of destiny is however not the peaceful station it appears to be. Being a former battlestation, even outdated many add-ons has been established, like the 140mm canons that is used to penetrate any larger battleship that would threaten the Vessel.

Inside you will find the highly trained Council guard, or honor guard. Their blue armor represents serenity, however it wield unknown force. The full plated body armor is capable of deflecting larger bullets and energy shots with ease and will reduce incoming artillery damage. The plates gives free joint movement for maximum flexibility. Every guard is highly trained and any normal human would surely die from the hard training. The honor guard is armed with a powerspike, resembling a spear, that will shock anyone foolish enough to come close to death. They also have a energy shield to block incoming ranged bullets and energybeams. They are the highest trained soliders that the Sqamantians have, and will strike at anyone that is foolish enough to boards the vessel of destiny.


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