On a collision course.

A month after the initial meeting the high zealot Kvasi contacts the emperor of Utopia Johannes Faust via a comlink. The conversasion is the one that follows.

Kvasi (K)
Faust (F)
Comlink Adjutant (C)
At this time unknown officer (U)

(C) - Comlink online. Stabilizing connection. My lord, emperor Johannes Faust is online.

(F) - You wanted to speak with me high zealot. Here I am. What is on your mind?

(K) - Greetings emperor. I am contacting you due to a decision that is considered..a problem to our people. (Kvasis voice is unstable and nervous).

(F) - Speak your mind zealot, restrain from the formalities, I am a very busy man, and I lack of both time and interest for formalities, what is the problem?

*Kvasi swallows and speaks in a fading voice*

(K) - The council and I have decided that your increased military fleet is posing a threat to our civilization. We demand that we are allowed to send an ambassador to inspect any possible threat that might exist to our planet.

*The emperors mouth becomes thin as a line, his eyes looks back from his shoulder, seemingly talking to someone behind him, then answers*

(F) - I dont know how you think zealot, we have not increased nor have we reduced our fleets strikepower. We have never posed a threat to your civilization, why should we pose a threat now?

(K) - You as an emperor should know that every little threat should be examined and one of our council members have shown that you have increased your battleforce by a big percent.

(F) - I would like to talk to that council member in person high zealot, and let him explain how he got that information and from who, because this is clearly fake.

(K) - I am sorry, but that is confidential and...

(F) - SO IS OUR INTELLIGENCE ON OUR STANDING FORCES KVASI, Spying is NOT tolerated, not by any race, not even by you, old ally.

*The emperor is nearly shouting this out, the little strength that Kvasi has build up under the conversation is  immediately crushed from the rage from the emperor*

(K) - I-it does n-not matter h-how h-he got it, as l-long as it p-pose a threat t-to our nation. And if y-you g-got nothing to h-hide it would n-not be a p-problem emperor.

(E) - The problem, Kvasi, is that you are insulting me as a person and humanity as a specie. We have never threatened nor proven hostile to any Sqamantians. We have had peace since we discovered your existence, and while we owe you, we can´t take insults like this. Send your damned ambassador, but I will be surprised if he finds anything abnormal.

(C) - Emperor Johannes Faust has canceled the comlink.

*Kvasi puts in hands over his face and sighs*

(K) - What have we gotten ourselfs into?

*Emperor Johannes Faust stirs into the closed comlink, then says to someone that is out of view*

(E) - The Sqamantians are comming for an inspection, hide a large part of the army on Kalendra,  we dont want the Sqamantians to have full insight into our army, and get me some wine god dammit.

(U) - Yes my lord.

*The officers bows out and exits the room, which is full of expensive things. Sucks as an rich embroided carpet, vases and portraits, and in the middle, a throne made out of glass with red pillows on it*


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