Main Characters

Main Characters:

Human main character:
James Wallace
28 years old
Captain over Aerial Foxtrot squad, 32:th platoon.
First to confront the "new alien union".
About 185 cm tall.
About 90 kg weight.
Dark Green/Brown eyes.
Not shaved in most missions.
Medium long hair.
Armed with a fully automatic assault rifle. 55 rounds/mag.
Veteran battle fighter, excels in air combat, thinks that ground fighting is "clumsy".

Sqamantians Main Character:
High Council member/Rogue Sqamintan leader.
Argued against the declaration of war/locking in humanity.
About 230 years old.
About 230 cm tall. Reptilian/Green skin, without scale.
About 150 kg weight.
Light blue glowing eyes, when in stasis or powerful emotions take control, glowing orange.
Armed with a power-staff.
Powerful psychic spell caster,  able to manipulate most lesser beings. Avoids confrontation if possible.
Thinks weapons are primitive.

Vroth Main Character:
Emperor over the Vroth. Dark lord of the sands. The devourer. The root of immortality.
Many millenniums old.
Traded the souls of his people for immortality to unknown aliens, transforming his people to black stone. Waged war against the Swamantians on their behalf. Lost and saved himself and his people by locking themselves in on their homeworld Palari, under the sand itself.
Same height as Tirezias.
Weigh about 250 kilos (due to the fact that he is made out of stone).
Light green eyes.
Drazuls main weapon is his fists in fast skirmishes. In longer battles he is armed with a long spear and a modified Sqamantian Railgun for ranged combat.
Manipulative and things that other beings are best used as slaves or canon fodder, (anyone but himself).


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