In 2153, earth was so polluted that no man, plant or animal could live on the planet. Rescue stations had been planed on Mars, however the events that took place before the escape to Mars maked everything on earth speed up. First things were the pollution. Big black clouds stretched across the sky over big cities, such as Tokyo, New York and Seoul. Soon these waster stretched far and wide, across the countryside where most people though they could flee the dangerous waste. Gas masks were produced in large quantities and for some while, people seemed to develop to the situation, however it was just like a dam with a hole, it was doomed to break eventually. The sparked tensions between several countries eventually broked out to a full scale war, in space. The new technology and what most alien races would call, "primitive space vessels", most humans would call it the ultimate war machines. Raging across space these mobile battle vehicles would fight, and be destroyed in space, resulting in "space thrash". This junk flew around the earth, metal and steel, building a large cower that blocked parts on the sun, resulting in a damp dark place. However even this humanity managed to adopt to. It was all in vain. Soon after all this, when the Earth was scared and wounded moder nature decided to stop it. The temperature suddenly dropped one day and it kept dropping. Cold winds that came from the north carried with it snow and ice. The new ice age was imminent and this time, everyone least those with the money, the poor where left behind. However life on Mars was not fully developed to the human race. Plants were unable to grow properly, critters did not have the long life that they originally had on earth and died prematurely and water supplies quickly became scarce. This time it seemed as if humanity was going to be extinguished forever, however an another miracle soon accoured.

A race that called themselves the Sqamantians, or as humans called them at their first meeting, "aliens". They told the humans about a high council that ruled over a system close to the "Milky way". They gave the humans technology if the humans agreed to relocate to their galaxy known in their tongue as "Gelise", which in human speech is "the high seat". The Sqamantian ambassador explained that this was because they needed to make sure that the humans were able to control and make proper use of the new technology. The humans had little choice and where therefore relocated to the new planet that was quite similar to earth that the humans named Utoia, after the dream city with the same name, and swore that they would never pollute this world like they did to Earth. Years went by and the ever so adaptable humans learned to use the new technology to the degree that they rivaled the high evolved Sqamantians. However, the Sqamantians have always watched over the humans, in both fear and excitement. Many questions have been, "will they turn on us?" and "what will we do when they try to take us out". This never happened however, and for more then 350 years the humans have lived in peace, traded with the Sqamantians and other alien races, such as the faritimans, energy like beings that live in metall. However, the pastoral state that has lasted for more then 300 years is soon going to break.


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